featured mix: Mick Wills @ Golden Pudel

featured mix: Mick Wills @ Golden Pudel

Mar 14, 2012

Mixes / Podcasts and Radio shows are something that takes up a great deal of time in my evenings.  All of what I listen to is of quality but I find that I am rarely engaged throughout the entirety and move onto the next thing.  This isnt a slate on what im listening to its just that there is so much more out there thats needs attention.  This mix however drew me immediately from the start, forced to download it and have been immersed into its almost 4 hour journey.

Top notch mix from Mr Mick Wills at the Golden Pudel club which is located in Hamburg.  A wonderfull blend of Chicago, Acid, synth and electro.  Get yer lugz around this…


+++ mick wills – iv hours non stop +++


Pic of the Golden Pudel