Ilian Tape – Various Artists – Bias Jams 1

Ilian Tape – Various Artists – Bias Jams 1

Apr 16, 2012

The Zenker brother's label; Ilian Tape keeps going from strength to strength and the new release is an absolute corker! Bias Jam 1 is hopefully the first of many compilations to come from the label and has tracks from Imugem Orihasam, Regen, Lucas Mari & Stenny.

The first track, 'Internal', comes from Imugem Orihasam, who is rather hot property at the moment with releases on sistrum, finale and now Ilian Tape. 'Internal' has a deep quality to it that you can't help be absorbed by, the rhythmic pattern of closed hi hats is accompanied so well by the swirling dark dubby sounds.

Regen brings us the second track, 'black puff', which is a liitle more up tempo with a more 'housey feel' to it. The funky synths blend well with the stripped back chicago-esque drum pattern, enough to make anyone want to move.

The 3rd track, 'Paper Tape', comes from Lucas Mari and is right up my street The track screams chicago, relentless and raw drum pattern…thick warm synths…great track.

'Orbital' is the final track on the release and Stenny definitely finishes with a bang. This track has a great acid bassline, haunting stabs and a drum pattern that just keeps building. Definitely my favourite track on the release.

Overall great release from Ilian Tape, I have a feeling this will be in my record bag for a long time!