Imugem ORIHASAM – Relation EP Sistrum US

Imugem ORIHASAM – Relation EP Sistrum US

Feb 5, 2012

The forthcoming release on Sistrum comes from the Japanese producer Imugem ORIHASAM, who to be honest is a complete unknown to me. But with up and coming releases on New Kanada recordings, Panrecords, Ilian Tape and Finale Sessions, I have a feeling we are going to be hearing a lot more of this producer. If SIS017 is anything to go by I say bring it on.

The first track, relation, sets the tone of the EP. The swirling hypnotic synths and the almost ‘soft-sounding’ hi -hats and claps generate a deep atmospheric feel to the track that is common with the Sistrum sound.

‘Mirage’ takes us somewhere deeper and darker, the distinct kicks are accompanied by sounds that almost mirror a freight train passing in the distance. The dark dub sounds gradually build throughout the track perfectly accompanied by crisp sounding claps, this track is definately my pick of the EP.

The final track is an edit from the founder of the label Patrice Scott who has carved a niche for himself within detroit electronic music through the ultra-deep warm hypnotic sounds that compliment so well the distinctly minimal drum patterns in his tracks.Personally I am a massive fan of everything Patrice Scott has done and this edit does not disappoint. The warm swirling synths gives the track the feeling of ebbing and flowing along with the clear sound of single waterdrops adding another dimension to the track. The drum pattern slowly and steadily builds throughout with a rhythm that only Patrice Scott can create and you can’t help but move your head along with the track. 

The EP is available on the 14th February, and we look forward to hearing what both Imugem ORIHASAM and Sistrum US have to offer us in the future.


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    Second track for me!!