This site developed as a result of the ONE events held in Belfast.  Such events where held to bring fresh new electronic artists to the city as well as bringing more established artists that would be more widely recognised.  We scraped together what funds we had to get these parties going and through a lot of hard work we succeeded and they went down a storm. Thankfully it helped put us on the map and also made us realise that we wanted to move our love for electronic music to the next level through developing a label and of course our own music.  We hope that this site will encourage those who engage in it to take more of an interest in electronic music as ELECTRONIC MUSIC MAKES SENSE!! The administrators of this site are as follows:

  • GRAEME MORRISON – co founder of the events and label. Soon to be releasing under ONE, Chicago based synth beat trax under the alias of 'the Superior Inferior' .



  • SAMAAN - co founder of events and label with several critically acclaimed releases under his belt.

  • MICHAEL BUSTARD -  Productions from Michael will be released in the near future.


Check out our ONE podcasts here:

ONE Electronica Soundcloud Page