Samaan & Graeme Morrison [ONE] closing Twitch [10/09/2011]

Samaan & Graeme Morrison [ONE] closing Twitch [10/09/2011]

Dec 7, 2011


A clip of us closing Twitch. Place was going off until a not so pleasant door man asked us to turn the racket down as it was getting late…this was adhered to for about 2 mins.

Twitch is probably the longest running underground house and techno event in Belfast. It originated in the upper Bunker of Lavery's which was nothing but a sweaty den but an awesome party guaranteed. The event is run by 4 sound fella's – Paddy Towe, Chris Mcginn, Phil Lucas and the most recent addition Matt Burns.

Check out RA page for more details and to checkout their VERY impressive lineup history…

Twitch : Resident Advisor Page